After Agnes’s severe accident with the help of yoga, meditation and positive thinking, she turned things around healing the body, the psyche and set a helping path for many who have similar needs and are open to change.

The second night, after the reconstructive surgery, a revelation came to her in the hospital; that yoga, meditation, proper breathing and proper nourishment as well as visualizations and chanting mantras changed the frequency of her mind and body, therefor perfect health was re-established.

This is when the great journey of YOGIN started. Agnes dove into studying many lineages of yoga, reading and learning from several great masters, spiritual teachers and applied meditation and breathing techniques in her daily life. Then all of her knowledge after more than a decade of experience merged into a system that she named: Yogin.

Not long after the accident, Agnes decided to dedicate her life to being the lighthouse for those living with injury, illness or just simply looking for hope, light and healing.

Yogin derived from the Bhagavad Gita: “He who is able to resist the force of desire and anger, even before he quits his body is a blessed man, a Yogin.”

Since Agnes practices truthfulness and positive criticism toward herself and she is aware of her own weaknesses, desire and anger became her focus to maintain under control. First she named her yoga clothing line after this profound quote and then transferred the name to her personal educational programs. Desire and anger needed to be chiseled away day by day. It is a given task for a yogi for a lifetime. As Neem Karoli Baba once said to Ram Dass; “You must polish the mirror free of anger to see God. If you give up a little anger each day, I will help you.”