(Shanti Ma/Bhakti Kaur) Gurmukhi lover, Naad yoga teacher in Hungary

Kelemen Krisztina

Krisztina prefers to be called Shanti Ma or Bhakti Kaur. The two spiritual names she owns, originate from the Hatha and Kundalini yoga traditions which she has been practicing since 2009. When Bhakti Kaur came across the most powerful Gurmukhi Mantras and the sound of Gong, she knew right away that destiny found her. Throughout her dedicated, daily practice of Naad Yoga, and continuously learning with great teachers in India she understood the power of vibration, rhythm and quantum technology of Gurbani. Bhakti Kaur is a gem amongst the Yogin teachers, she teaches yogis about the power of our word, to the proper sound current to raise our frequeny.
“God sits on the tip of our tongue” Yogi Bhajan